I feel like a lot of creatives my age use their about page to share a funny anecdote about themselves as a child, and creatives older and more accomplished than me use it to list their various awards. In an interest of standing out from the crowd, (and because I haven't won a Cannes Lion yet) I’ll just tell you a little bit about me, as I am right now.


  • I’m a Chicago native, and by that I mean I was born and raised in the suburbs.

  • I’m a mild insomniac; I am finding ways to make that work to my advantage.

  • I use semicolons because I'm a ~serious writer~.

  • I went to school in the South, and I say "y'all" now in regular conversation. I sort of have a problem with that.

  • I'm always fishing for opportunaties to make bad puns. I do not have a problem with that. 

  • I really, really love good advertising. I'm currently making some at Anomaly NY.